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Good day Amazing Fans, we are JESNAIJA and in today’s edition of EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW, we are here with REALTRICKS a talented Artiste and a producer

So relax as we take some deep secret about him and his career.

Jesnaija: Realtricks you’re officially welcome.

Jesnaija: Please say hi to your fans before we continue…

Realtricks: Hye Everyone …Good Evening

Jesnaija: Good evening and welcome Sir

Realtricks: Thank you ma

Question 1: Can we know you? Your birth name and your stage name.

Respond: Alright my birth name is MARVELOUS ANDREW

And my stage name is REALTRICKS Though most people call me TRICKY or TRICKS Which everyone is cool

JESNAIJA: Alright Tricks nice name here

Realtricks: Thank you

Question 2: So where are you from?

Respond: Am from Plateau state

Jesnaija: Okay

Question 3: What or who inspired you into music

Respond: Uhhm i think my friend…

Back then in secondary school, i had this friend of mine who does rap… Anytime he starts his stuff i be like damn… So there was a day i used his lyrics to compose a song… It was great…

Mehn the next day we headed to the studio… I took the chorus… The song was nice…

That was how i actually started

Jesnaija: That’s a nice start

I pray you’ll reach the highest peak in pursuing that

Realtricks: Amen… Thank you

Question 4: So how comes about the name REALTRICKS

Respond: Smiles… Almost everyone asks me this

Well it actually came from “FILM TRICKS” Like in the movies… They do some Tricky stuff…

buh then it looks real. Actually wanted a weird name for my production though

Jesnaija: Wow so you wanna show the world you have some tricks too

Realtricks: Lol yeah yeah

Jesnaija: Cool its actually good

Realtricks: Thank you

Question 4: So what kind of music can we say u create?

Respond: You mean my personal music? Or the ones i produce for other artists?

Jesnaija: Your personal music

Realtricks: I make love songs

Jesnaija: More of a loverboy right?

Realtricks: Smiles… kind of

Question 5: Okay. So why do you prefer music as a career?

Respond: You know… There’s this joy that comes when you do what you love most… I love music… I have this passion for it that’s why i wouldn’t mind choosing it over anything

Jesnaija: I feel that. More grace sir

Question 6: Are u schooling or basically into music?

Respond: Am schooling… @ NATIONAL FILM INSTITUTE

Jesnaija: Okay… That’s nice

Question 7: So how do you cope with music, producing and your education?

Respond: Mehn much stress, Buh i do schedule… Like i try to make out time for all

Jesnaija: All the best in all

Question 8: A little draw back please. When do u start music as a career

Respond: 2016… As a gospel artist though

Jesnaija: A Gospel lover boy… Wow! Sounds amazing

Realtricks: Lol… I switched 2018

Jesnaija: Great… Don’t you think we should know why?

Realtricks: You know how the gospel industry is… It’s quit slow…

Wah i do now is basically business, am just out for business. Like this is where i earn

Jesnaija: Okay, we learnt your song was featured in Selena Tested, so how comes about it?

Reatricks: My management took a proposal to Light Weight… They agreed and then we made the song There was a deal

Jesnaija: Great…

Question 9: Okay so u mean you are financially capable or you have  sponsor?

Respond: I don’t have a sponsor yet. I sponsor myself

Jesnaija: Wow.  More

Jesnaija: Okay it’s a full vibe there ✌️

Realtricks: Thank you

Question 10: Who would you like to collaborate with?

Respond: Omo Kiss Daniel

Jesnaija: Wow

We’re anticipating in faith

Question 11: As a producer, what typically makes up a good song?

Respond: For me… The lyrics, delivery, Beat, mix and master

Jesnaija: Okay

Question 12: Do you have any competitor in the industry?

Respond: Nah I don’t think I do

Jesnaija: Alright then

Question 13: Your biggest fear in the industry

Respond: Smiles… I just have one prayer

Not to get involved in some dirty shii just to get famous

Jesnaija: Just get focused and you’ll do it

Realtricks: Yeah

Question 14: So if you could, what can you change in the industry ?

Respond: Mehn there are so many talented artists out there… Buh then getting known is quite difficult cause you have to pay to be heard… It won’t be bad if we help raise those who are really good at what they do without asking for some stuff in return

Jesnaija: Great

Question 15: Alright are you in a relationship? You fans may like to know. Someone might be crushing you know

Respond: Lol yes I am

Jesnaija: With who?

Realtricks: Her name is Lillian

Jesnaija: Nice

Question 16: Are you looking for an independent label deal or a major  label deal?

Respond: Am cool with any… Depending on the deal

Question 17: Alright any award or price so far?

Respond: Nope… Not yet

Question 18: Where have you been to at the course of your career?

Respond: For my music Lagos, Abuja

Buh i’ve produced artists from Italy, Kaduna, Nassarawa, Bauchi, Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Niger

Jesnaija: You’ve gone far that’s great

Question 19: So before we roundup. what’s your advice for both upcoming and your mate in the industry?

Respond: Well my advice to every upcomer or artist is to be prayerful, humble, hardworking, consistent and sacrificial. Only this can take you far

Jesnaija:  Sure!

Question 20: Any message for your fans?

Respond: To all my fans… I love you so much… I really appreciate the love & support… Gods willing we’ll get there

And then… I just dropped my new single #BAD you all should go vibe to its… You gonna love it

Jesnaija: Amen.

More grace…

Question 21: One word for Jesnaija media team

Respond: Big shout out to Jesnaija for this platform… Am really honored… Keep up the good work… More grace to your brand

Jesnaija: Thank you so much for your time here with us. Its was nice having you here. You’re valued

Realtricks: Thank you

Jesnaija: A Link to this interview will be sent to you, so you can share to your fans. We wish you the best in your career



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