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Shekx unveils title of his forthcoming debut album ‘Tales & Rhythm’

Shekx Gimba has taken to his social media page to announce the title of his forthcoming debut studio album for the year 2023, ‘TALES & RHYTHM’

Shekx which he’s also known as The Vibe Machine, has given us an hint to the tittle of his coming project, that’s scheduled to drop in the coming months.

spanning by his catchy tune, skillful calligraphy, and exceptional range of artistic expression lauding from the quick rise. Shekx’s talent can be alluring at times; being able to accomplish anything nearly perfectly is overwhelming and greatly boosts self-esteem, which helps explain why his confidence is unmatched.

The endearing voice, vivaciousness, charisma, and general pidgin English infusion seem to encapsulate the modern and impetuous nature of Afrobeats.

‘TALES & RHYTHM’ (cooming soon)


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