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Top Nigerian Male-to-Female Crossdressers and Transgenders.



A crossdresser is a person who likes to wear clothing and other accessories associated with the opposite gender.

A transgender person is someone whose gender identity or gender expression does not correspond with their sex assigned at birth.
Crossdresser and transgender do this either for self-expression, disguise, comfort, and entertainment.
Their kind of content is very different from normal content, it can be said to be extraordinary. In Nigeria, the majority of crossdressers are male-to-female.
These are men who dress in women’s clothes and some urge the public to address them as “She”.

Bobrisky (Mummy of Lagos)

James Brown (Princess of Africow)


Jay Boogie

Jeffina Lewinsky

Bryan Nwakoro

Bisi Alimi

Jay Bugatti

Buchi Alexandra

Johntel Peters

Tobi The Creator

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