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Why Upcoming Artistes Should Get A Brand Manager – By Jesnaija

Who is an Artist Manager?

An artist manager is a person usually featured professional who represents and serve as an advisor for an artiste or band’s.

Managers helps in building an artist’s career and get their client’s music in the hands of producers and label executives, as well as negotiating contracts and setting up tours.


For an artist that is trying to make a name for himself or trying to stay active it is a huge plus to have someone who acts as a manager. A good management person will find you venues to play at and also negotiate with record labels on your behelf.

A Management person is generally someone who has connections and knows the music business and he can do things you as an artist generally cannot do for yourself. The manager can be the difference between you having 50 bookings as compared to maybe 10 you can get on your own. While you have to pay for his/her services it is a good investment if they get you results.

Other important thing that an artiste manager do

• What does an artist manager do?

• 1. Gatekeeper and a spokesperson

• 2. Team architect

• 3. Artistic Direction

• 4. Administration and small things

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