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Good day amazing fans, we are Jesnaija and in today’s episode of exclusive interview we are here with one of the PH (port harcout) fast rising female artiste, who have contributed a lot to the growth of the industry. So relax as we talk some deep secret about her

Question 1: hello mimi can we meet you (whats your full name and stage name?)

Response: Good PM everyone… my name is Miracle Nwachukwu and my stage name is MiMi

Jesnaija: okay that’s a nice name dear

Question 2: how did the name MiMi came to existence?

Response: well MiMi is a nickname everyone calls me because my name is Miracle… so that’s how I just decided why not use it as my stage name then, and that how it came about

Jesnaija: wow, I love that name MiMi

Mimi: thanks

Question 3: where are you from?

Response: I’m from Anambra state

Jesnaija: alright that’s a nice place

Question 4: when did you start up music as a career? And what first got you into music?

Response: I started music officially as a career at the age of 16yrs which was back in 2018

Jesnaija: wow you are quiet young then

Mimi: and what first got me into music

To be honest I didn’t really like music at my early age. Then I started listen to Rihanna’s songs at some point and I fell in love with her singing and all since then my whole perspective of music changed

Then I found myself writing songs and that was how it just happened

Jesnaija: impressive, I also like Rihanna’s songs too

Question 5: how would you describe the music that you typically create?

Response: I would say it’s quite unique and I’ve been improving to sound better than any song I last dropped

Jesnaija: yeah that’s good, I love the word improving and sound better just keep putting in your best dear

Mimi: I always do smiles….

Question 6: what would you be doing right now, if it wasn’t for your music career?

Response: going to school… which I’m already doing right now laughs

Jesnaija: that’s good

Question 7: what image do you think your music conveys?

Response: uhhh let’s say each song has a message they convey… for instance my single “Girls must ball” It was passing a message across to the females telling them a time will come when they will enjoy life but all they have to do is work hard and surely the time will come.

Jesnaija: yeah that’s a nice compliment

Question 8: do you write your own songs? (discuss the song writing process?)

Response: yes I write my songs myself… don’t know who would do it better though (laughs)…

Okay when it comes to the writing process, I firstly play the beat and listen carefully to know where to start, backup or end…

After listening to the beat I can just start humming to match the beat, and then start fixing the lyrics

After that I arrange everything I’ve written perfectly and there you go (smiles)…

Jesnaija: okay… an amazing step, wow so brief and easy

I like that

Question 9: what type of recording process did you use? Who produced your songs?

Response: when I have a song I want to record I just head to the studio (in between I have two producers (Gidikeys and Whizzykeys) sing the song I wrote to the producer’s hearing then he makes a dope beat with the song, I record and wait for the producer to finish his work

Jesnaija: that’s a great one

Question 10: are you financially able to fund the cost of establishing your career? (are you in debt?

Response: I’m not in debt and I am not quite financially stable… I mean, I’m just a student you know (laughs)

So I do what I’m able to do and leave the rest to God, who go blow go blow.

Jesnaija: yeah with God all things are possible, more strength to you

Question 11: are you looking for an independent label deal or major label deal (why)?

Response: let’s say I need a label right now. The reason will be for sponsorship and major promotion both national and internationally because right now I am not quite stable enough to do it myself so why not, if a label with good vision and motive for an artiste comes for a deal then I’m taking it

Jesnaija: I love the way you approach it

Question 12: have you ever participated in any music competitions? Did you win any prize?

Response: yes I have at Awka, Anambra State… and I took first place

Jesnaija: bravo to you, just keep the spirit of first place going

Question 13: what strengths do you have that you believe make you a great musician?

Response: the strength to keep pushing even though there have been so many set backs

Jesnaija: okay

Question 14: in the industry, what’s your biggest fear?

Response: lol that would be finally making it to the top and maybe stop trending after a few years… I just want to be in everyone’s feed year to year nonstop just like (omah lay, davido, wizkid… those guys are just moving with divine grace.

Jesnaija: wow… your grace shall come, just keep pushing

Mimi: amen

Question 16: who would you most like to collaborate with:

Response: they are lots of them… fireboy most especially, omah lay, oxlade, tiwa savage, teni, davido, burna boy, wizkid… to mention but the few

Question 16: if you could change anything about the industry, what would it be?

Response: the fact that people see celebrities differently… like they are not bound to make mistakes.

Jesnaija: I like this point… it’s one of the problem… lets move to the next question

Question 17: do you have any competitor in the industry? If yes who?

Response: lolz I’m not into a competition with anyone… everyone has their own time to shine

Jesnaija: that’s very true… your time will come soon

Question 18: so what’s your advice for both upcoming and your mates in the industry?

Response: they should be consistent, humble and always open to learn new things to pave way for improvement.s

Jesnaija: yeah I believe you dear

Question 19: what is the one message you would give to your fans?

Response: thank you for the love and support… please don’t stop supporting, it will all make sense one day

Jesnaija: that’s very kind and thoughtful… thanks for that


Question 20: one word for jesnaija media team

Response: you guys are amazing… thanks for having me here, God bless the jesnaija media team

Jesnaija: thanks and may God bless your career… we are happy having you here in today’s interview

Do have a wonderful night

Mimi: and you too (smiles)…


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1 Comment

  1. Bandits

    December 14, 2021 at 1:20 pm

    yah doing well MiMi (BadGalMiMi)

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