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Mrs. Mingsgrace Madaki Advise Girls in General 

Mrs. Mingsgrace Madaki advise girls of this generation!!

Mrs Madaki, who took to her Facebook page to talk to young girls who leave a life of their choice and tried her best to talk sense into them. She posted

*Well mark asked what’s on my mind and this happen to be on my mind

I have noticed very recently that all teenage girls in Nigeria are now #slayqueens and all sort of names.

Struggling to be noticed, in the process they get themselves into expensive and risky lives they can’t afford, I hope u know it doesn’t end here.

You are 18-30 and yeah its fun jumping from one hotel to the other, following the DJ wherever he takes his Speaker’s to, elegushi beach loading, 7 bottles I gallant, partying hard till dawn nothing do me, popping shisha of 5 wraps bros I still they see well, lol i don’t have any problem with that so long as you have something upstairs because no man in this present generation would want to take a dummy home to his mother, with your big ass, fine face nothing upstairs.

he will just wide ur legs fuck craze outta u well and ask what club you guyz be hitting tonight because he knows thats the only field u good at, nothing about the future just balling and fucking……

Apart from your nice shape, perfect brow designer’s bags, big butts what else do you have to offer?

What exactly is he gonna find when he knocks on your head?

All latest soundtracks, all fashion lines?

Do u know anything about the real world as in whats up around you?

Neocolonialism, the new world order, your home politics, whats happening in ur neighbouring country, do you know anything remotely connected to intelligent discourse?

When last did u read a book?

No, not hints or fashion magazine.

A book that has printed pages in between covers no pictures just words or e dey give you headache?

Your beauty will attract a man yes but what will keep him?

Do have any source of Income? any trade skill? financial intelligence or u just der Asking for everything?

Do u know how to cook?

Yes cook good food that isn’t indomie pepper chicken?

Do u know anything about the kitchen or your are a shareholder at KFC?

Tell me what exactly you gat to offer?

At times he needs a real woman to share his worries with, success and challenges.

*But your bikers short long nails and long lashes won’t solve anything.*

*Ladies spend alot of time trying to look hot for men but forgetting he won’t be horny forever.*

*There will be days when he will need ur managerial qualities but no you can’t help because you are only used to “slaying”*

*My wonderful sisters out there don’t spend all your time making up and turning up, work on yourselves and practice things that will add value to your life and shape your future*

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