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(Download Video) HERE BY THE KITANAS

Popular CCM band The Katinas has set to release a new single, “Here,” to Christian AC-formatted radio outlets.

“We hope this song will serve as an instrument to spread love and hope to everyone,” The Kitanas

Since the days of their youth playing in their father’s church worship band, The Katinas – brothers Sam, Joe, James, John and Jesse –strive to touch and affect people’s life through music with message.

“In a world of uncertainty, our commitment to this mission has been unwavering,” say The Katinas. “Who you are, where you’re from, what you believe, it does not matter. The love of Jesus Christ is a gift for us all.” The Kitanas concluded.

The Katinas believe this message is worth living for. Through their music and their actions, they strive to embody this love.

Watch video here:


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