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Li Yahweh – More Than A Conqueror (GOSPEL MP3)

Li Yahweh, a Christian singer-songwriter and musician from Kwara, has released a new single named
“More Than A Conqueror” from her album My Season.

Every song on the album, including this one, was composed with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
The song enables listeners to confront obstacles and proclaim that they are greater than a conqueror.

Conquerors don’t give up easily. They persist, and at this point, what our Master Jesus said in
John 16:33—following his statement that “in this world, you will have many troubles”—comes into play.

This implies that we shouldn’t be intimidated by our difficulties any longer because Christ is greater in us than he is in the world (the god of this world, the devil).
– 1 John 4:4. The singer claims that this guarantee is a private declaration she made in her closet.


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