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Nigerian Gospel Singer, recording artiste and Songwriter Hope Nwani has just released a brand new song tagged, “Grateful.”

Commenting on the song, Hope says “This song is birthed from a reflection of years of God’s unending love and faithfulness and will instil gratitude in your heart to God.”

“It tells tales of God’s love, kindness and faithfulness like it has never been told before.

The song expresses a deep connection with God’s love and stirs an intense atmosphere of gratitude and the euphoria that comes with God’s unending love.” – Hope Nwani concludes.

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Lyrics Of Grateful By Hope Nwani

Solo 1:

Lord, I know
I know that you love me
‘Coz you know, you know all

I’m feeling
And just when, I thought that it was over
You stepped in and showed there was more

Lord, I know, I know that you see me
‘Coz you know, you know when I’m in my weakest
And you give strength
You give me strength to carry – to carry on


Lord, I want to thank you and bless your heart
You have been my shelter from the storm
Lord, I appreciate you for all you have done
You’ve been holding me through it all

Solo 2:

Lord, I know, I know that you hear me
When I call you, you’re always there to answer
Your ears are not too heavy
My ever-present help in times of need

Lord, I know, I know that you hold me
‘Coz you know, you know when I am falling
Your hands are not too short
To pick me up the ground to the mountain top


Through the storm, the rain, and the cloudy days
You’ve never left my side
You’ve always been my guide

Through my pain and emotions, I couldn’t say
You’ve never left my side
I’m grateful for it all (2x)

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