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Bethel Music_-_ Homecoming



GRAMMY nominated, internationally renowned Christian music/worship collective Bethel Music has released its long-awaited 12th compilation album, Homecoming (Live). The powerful 16 song offering embodies everything that the group stands for and marks the first time that the entire collective has appeared on the same album. Recorded over three nights in July 2021, Homecoming is an outpouring of love and a testament to the community that Bethel Music has built over the last twenty years.

“This word “Homecoming” carries so much weight—and in a very real way, ALL OF US are in a season of coming home,” shares Christian Ostrom, Creative Director of Bethel Music. “These last few years we haven’t seen each other’s faces, we haven’t gathered in public, and we haven’t been with family. Home is such a necessary part of our lives, and we have all felt its absence. This album is the beginning of us going back to “the why” of Bethel Music… the beginning of us walking step by step toward the One who awaits us with open arms.”

  • Homecoming ( Cory Asbury, Gable Price) ||DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Send Me (Jenn Johnson feat. Chris Quilala )||DOWNLOAD
  • Weathered ( Dante Bowe, Hannah McClure )||DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Reason To Praise (Cory Asbury feat. Naomi Raine )||DOWNLOAD
  • Back To Life ( Zahriya Zachary )||DOWNLOAD HERE
  • I Believe ( Jonathan David Helser, Melissa Helser )||DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Wherever You Lead ( Kristene DiMarco)||DOWNLOAD HERE
  • All Hail King Jesus ( Bethany Wohrle)||DOWNLOAD HERE
  • Ring and Robe ( Dante Bowe feat. Naomi Raine)|| DOWNLOAD
  • Son of Suffering (David Funk feat. Matt Redman)|| DOWNLOAD 
  • Standing In Miracles ( Emmy Rose) || DOWNLOAD
  • Hymn Of Heaven (Brian Johnson, Zahriya Zachary)|| DOWNLOAD

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