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Gospel Music + Lyrics: Encounter by Blessing Ojo



Highly sought after gospel minister, recording artist, and songwriter, Blessing Ojo offers up a brand new single and lyrics titled ‘Encounter’ produced by Groovy.

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Lyrics:- Encounter By Blessing Ojo

Oh Oh
Oh Jesus
Yes we come to You today
And we need You Lord

Yes we want You Lord
We’ll seek You forever Jesus.

For the earnest expectation
Of the creation
Are awaiting the rising
Of the sons of God

They are groping in darkness
In superfluity of naughtiness
They are waiting for you
Waiting for me

They are looking for Jesus
Searching for life
If they see me they see Jesus
For I am His extension on earth

How can I
Live my life
Like an ordinary man

Lai Lai (never)

Encounter is all I need (Encounter Holy Ghost)
Encounter is all I need (Encounter Saviour)
Encounter is all I need (Encounter Holy Ghost, I need You Jesus.)

There comes the time in a man’s life when he begins to hunger and thirst for something better; something beyond the ordinary. Oh! What we need is an Encounter with Jesus. You see, the difference between an ordinary man and the extra-ordinary man are the encounters he has had with God. So an ordinary man is the man without an Encounter. God did not create us to be less than extra-ordinary and He is ready to turn our lives around if we are ready to seek Him. Oh! tell me why you won’t press for an encounter. People are looking for Jesus all over the world. They are searching for life. If they see us, they should find Jesus. We are His extension on earth.

Encounter is all I need (I’m desperate for You Lord)
Encounter is all I need. (my world is waiting)
Encounter is all I need. (destinies are waiting)

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