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Nasarawa to the World Contest, He’s not The Overall Winner (#JusticeForJoeDee)

Jodee Was Never The Overall Winner Of 2020 NTTW Contest, He Came 3rd -Organizer


Steve Shammah popularly called the Nasarawa First Son (CEO NICE) is a man of great repute, dignity, respected for his doggedness when it comes to supporting Artistes in Nasarawa state. He is one of the old hands that gave Platforms to so many Talents that now turned around to stab him at the back.

A consistent Event Manager, Talent coach and Artiste who has worked so hard over the years to keep the industry going with or without funds. A die hard youth Activist that does not take no for an answer when it comes to Creativity. In his words always “The show must go on regardless”.

To the post of Jodee the presumed overall winner of 2020 Nasarawa #ToTheWorld Talent and Empowerment show, “Jodee” was never the winner in the first instance. He came 3rd in the competition but because the 1st and 2nd Position didn’t show up at the grand finale, “Jodee” showed up as the overall winner in the year 2020.


The organizers called him and explained why he will be crowned the overall winner because of the inability of the 1st and 2nd position to turn up without concrete reasons!

– Jodee was called aside and explained that the organizers don’t have money to pay him the full prize money but offered to;

1. That the amount ₦20,000 is what the outfit could afford for now

2. His songs will be promoted within and outside Nasarawa State in our various traditional and social media platforms including radio and television interviews.

3. Jodee accepted all the terms and that was how he was crowned as the 2020 overall winner.


When we had opportunity to visit His Excellency, the Governor of Nasarawa State Engr. Abdullahi A. Sule, we tabled not only Nasarawa Industry for Creative Entertainment (NICE) activities but the need to support all Entertainment outfits in the state. Happy with our submission, His Excellency, we have seen since after NICE visit, some Entertainment outfit in the state started gaining attention and major support in their programmes.

Therefore, I wish to urge entertainers in the state not to allow this cheap blackmail and envy to destroy others that might gain the interest of this loving and impactful Government who have started helping and putting solid foundation for the growth and development of our forgotten Creative Industry.


Meanwhile “Jodee” was called to attend the courtesy visit to the Governor but claimed he was not available, so the artiste that came 4th during the competition “Alfredo” was called upon just like Jodee the 3rd position was called upon to take an award which the 1st and 2nd were not available.

It must be noted that our visit to our loving father, Governor Abdullahi A. Sule was not only about #NasarawaToTheWorld Competition but to present the plight of the entire Creative Entertainment Industry in the State and to present an “Award of Excellence” for given a listening ears to our Industry, our T-shirt and present our activities too. Today our joy is complete for what the Governor has started doing and surely needs an applause for responding swiftly.

If we have any motive, we could have removed Jodee’s name and put Alfredo’s name who has showed a lot of promise, discipline, loyalty and consistency over the years but we still recognized Jodee by presenting the true picture that Jodee was the overall winner.


JooDee and his sympathisers must know that we didn’t go to collect money from the Governor, as they thought. That’s not how it works.

NICE as a body has forgiven Jodee but has retrieved all promotional privileges for not keeping to a simple gentle-man agreement and trying to smare NICE’s good name with all the support, sacrifice and promotion gained from NICE over the years.

We advise those with genuine grivances to follow the right channels to amicably resolve issues rather than resorting to cheap social media propaganda, which will not help the industry.

Sadly, no one contacted NICE CEO for the true side of the story, Steve Shammah as we all know is a free, down to earth, jovial and understanding gentleman to the core. It is disheartening, young people who have gained experience and popularity through his platforms can still go this far maligned him instead of appreciating this industry ICON that is contributing to its growth.


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