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OKADA RIDERS SAGA: chaos, as motorcyclists storm estate in Abuja

Commercial motorcyclists, commonly known as Okada riders, have again
wreaked havoc on an estate in the Federal Capital Territory, on Sunday 29th may, 2022.

Sources say, that the crisis was as a result of the death of some Okada riders
who were killed by a hit and run driver.

In anger and a bid to avenge the death of their colleagues, the other motorcyclists chased the driver, who took refuge in
an estate after Sunnyvale in Kabusa, around lokogoma Abuja.
Residents of the area disclosed that the furious Okada riders stormed the estate

and burned down properties, in their quest to apprehend the unknown motorist.
Several controversial opinions and reactions have followed this incidence, and
some Nigerians, still wounded by the Dei-Dei international market incident, are of the opinion that, commercial

motorcyclists should be totally banned in the country, to curb the growing misconduct.

More details on the matter shortly…

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