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The Student Loan Measure Has Been Signed Into Law By President Bola Tinibu Ahmed

President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has signed the 2023 Student Loan Act into law.

In other words, Nigerian students now have access to interest-free loans.

The bill was approved by the 9th National Assembly, but Tinibu signed it today, Monday, at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, as part of initiatives to improve tertiary educational access and delivery.

According to Dele Alake, a senior counselor to the President, and Andrew Adejo, the permanent secretary of the Federal Minister of studies, the act will guarantee that poor students have access to loans to further their studies.

Alake claims that Tinibu made a commitment about the loan program during his election campaigns.

The Student Loan Act was just signed by President Bola Tinibu Ahmed today. This is simply the fulfillment of his election-related pledge that kids will have access to loans to attend college, the politician claimed.

Now, it’s possible to borrow money to pay for your education and hope to repay it when you start making money.

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