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Years Ago I Couldn’t Afford To Pay My WAEC Fees , But Now I’m Set To Pay For Orphans



I am not here to tell you the story of my life but wait, if #MyStory can inspire you then WHY NOT?

Some 10-18 years ago, I couldn’t afford One Thousand Naira nor pay for my WAEC registration, now I am set to pay the same WAEC registration fees for others (Orphans). Also, I have lost count of those I’ve helped financially.

You see this journey called LIFE? It can be likened to Motorists on the highway. While others have reached their destinations, some are just starting the journey. Even while driving on the same highway, some may branch towards a different route, others may stop by the way while others may keep going.

Others may overtake you on the highway (which is allowed), but surely and certainly, if you KEEP GOING, you shall get to your destination. The duration it takes to get to your destination may not matter if you actually get to your destination safely.

You may be going through difficult times or wanting to have a child, get a job or to marry, others may be praying to pass JAMB or secure admission into the higher Institutions etc. And you are feeling like to give up? PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP, just give it some time, keep trying, keep pushing and with hardwork, dedication and commitment, YOU SHALL SEE THE LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.

Again, I was raised in a dilapidated thatched-mud house in a remote village of Plateau State with no rich Uncle or Auntie talk more of a god Father. Most importantly however, I DO NOT ALLOW MY BACKGROUND TO HOLD ME TO THE GROUND, I ceased all the opportunities that came my way and utilized them to a beneficial end. Today that village boy is schooling in one of World’s Ranking Russell Group of Universities in the United Kingdom, and have also presented papers at Harvard University, co-Chaired a Conference Session and Elected into Executive Committee Positions here in the UK amongst other.

These are made possible largely because, I BELIEVED IN MYSELF and I chose NEVER TO GIVE UP ON MY DREAMS. For I know, Dreams are FREE so I am free to DREAM AS BIG AS I CAN. I had the dream, I worked assiduously on the dream, committed, focused and determined and today, I can only say THANK GOD FOR THE GOOD LIFE. Therefore, they must not believe in you, all you need to do is BELIEVE IN YOU.

Lastly, to those sending me their account numbers etc just because I chose to assist the less privileged. Please note that, I DO NOT HAVE PLENTY MONEY as your imaginations are telling you, but just that, I know exactly how it feels NOT TO HAVE AT ALL. Also, I am not doing what I am doing to show off as others are saying but, to render assistance to those who truly need, deserves and appreciates it.

Stay MOTIVATED, stay STRONG, stay FOCUSED and PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP on yourself!

Raphael P. Galleh




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