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Easy Steps to Prepare Jollof Spaghetti

Spaghetti (Italian: [spaˈɡetti]) is a long, thin, solid, cylindrical pasta.
It is a staple food of traditional Italian cuisine.
Like other pasta, spaghetti is made of milled wheat and water and
sometimes enriched with vitamins and minerals. (Source – Wikipedia).

With the information above, a picture does not have to be attached to this
article before you know what we are talking about, yeah? Well, I believe so.

A lot of people are used to preparing
their spaghetti plainly, to mix with stew or sauce to eat.
But do you know that just as we can get jollof rice from white rice mixed with
other ingredients, we can do the same with spaghetti? This piece is here to
show you the easy steps to do this, so you can have a variety of delicious
meals in your house.

Before we discuss the practical steps, let us talk about the necessary ingredients.

 Spaghetti.

 Tomatoes.

 Vegetable oil.

 Pepper.

 Salt.

 Maggi.

 Onions.

 Crayfish.

 Your preferred protein (meat, fish, egg).

 Extra seasoning, e.g – curry, thyme, etcetera.

 And definitely, water.

Now let us discuss how these ingredients
come together to get us a delicious meal of jollof spaghetti.

You could boil your protein to get your stock ready before you start the process below.

1. The first is to parboil your spaghetti. To do this, you are to pour
water into your pot that is already on fire. Break your spaghetti into shorter
strands the way you like it, and put itinto the boiling water.

2. After some minutes when it is parboiled, sieve it out of the water.

3. The next step is to put a dry pot on the fire, pour your vegetable oil in,
and when it is hot, put in your sliced onions and immediately, your blended tomatoes.

4. Stir. Continue to stir till the tomatoes is done.

5. Pour in your stock and then more water according to the quantity of your spaghetti.

6. Add your other ingredients – salt, maggi, crayfish, pepper,and any other seasoning of your choice.

7. Cover pot to let the water boil for a few minutes.

8. Once the water is boiled, you put in your parboiled spaghetti then cover the pot to let done.

9. In less than 45 minutes, your superb jollof spaghetti will be ready to be served and consumed.

Do try it out and remember to invite me to taste it.

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