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How To Prepare Egusi Soup

Yummy, yummy, yummy, is the taste we want to get when we eat.
Delicious meals can build relationships, you know😅.

In this article, we will see how to prepare a delicious meal of egusi soup.
In case ‘egusi soup’ sounds foreign to you, it is simply soup made from melon.
Not the fruit watermelon, but the tiny melon seeds.
So don’t go start looking for a watermelon fruit to extract soup from.😅

Now to the business of the day, we begin by listing the ingredients used to prepare egusi soup.

1. Melon seeds (locally known as egusi).

2. Palm oil.

3. Salt.

4. Maggi.

5. Pepper.

6. Onions.

7. Your choice of protein ( meat or fish).

8. Crayfish.

9. Any other seasoning of your choice, e.g – curry.

10. Vegetable leaf – pumpkin leaf, locally known as ugwu leaf.

Be sure to have water.

Preparation Process

• Place your pot on fire, pour in water enough to boil your protein (meat and/or fish).

• Thoroughly rinse your meat and/or fish, add to the boiling water, add seasoning – salt, maggi,
a little grounded pepper, onions, curry, thyme, and allow to done.

• When it is done, take out your meat and/or fish from the stock, and pour in your palm oil. If you observe the stock is little, add water to it.

• At this stage, you put in your already blended egusi (melon), and continue to stir till it is cooked well.
Make sure the water does not dry out. You can keep adding water in bits as you stir.

• Once cooked well, you can then add more water, salt, crayfish, your protein, pepper, maggi, and any
other seasoning you choose, based on the quantity of your egusi.
Remember cooking good requires good calculation.

• Cover your pot and leave for about 10 minutes to boil well.
Do not forget to check to make sure the water does not dry up.

• When the aroma of your soup has filled the air, and it is already tasting and
looking good, put in your sliced pumpkin leaf (ugwu leaf), stir and take your pot off the fire.

• Your delicious egusi soup is then ready to be eaten with whatever swallow your prefer.

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