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7 Different Types of Clients You Will Encounter Online as a Vendor



  1. The people who will inquire about price, even when they see them prominently written on objects
  2. The people who will say, “I want,” “Where are you?” and boom they won’t reply to your message again.
  3. They want you to believe them, so they’ll copy your number, chat you up on WhatsApp, and say they only accept payment upon delivery.
  4. The people who, when you give them the price, they will tell you they want wholesale, with they just want one item.
  5. This specific set will ask you to supply all of the images of the items you are selling, along with price. The next thing you will hear after pricing is, “I will get back to you when I’m ready.”
  6. Those who desire to purchase on credit and bind both your capital and profit… If it is on the market, I wonder if they will implement that.
  7. Keep for me, please. Up until the sum is paid

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