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I had the chatting with this girl on Twitter for a few months before we arranged to meet at my place. One thing lead to the other and we found each other in my bed.
During our foreplay, this girl started pushing my head down to give her head which is something I wasn’t ready to do. I had never done it before and I never plan to do it with one random girl that I’m getting to know.

Las Las, she won and my mouth landed on her vagina. I feel Nauseous instantly I vomited all the rice and beans I just eat right on vagina. She threatened to call the police and I asked her what her statement report would look like

I took a girl home on Friday night. We were Supposed to have sex at the club but I wasn’t comfortable with that so we went to my apartment since we both knew our mission that night, we started undressing right in my car. This girl that was moaning so loudly when we were kissing stopped immediately I penetrated, I was still trying too good deeper, harder and faster so that she would feel me but I wasn’t getting any reaction from her.
She told me she wasn’t feeling anything and that my dick was too small. 3 minutes into the sex this girl slept off, only be pretended Sha. I just removed my penis wiped it with my boxers and went to bed. I was so embarrassed the following morning that I couldn’t look at her. I wish I didn’t bring her to my apartment in the first place

I once linked of with a girl for sex and I wish I never did it all started when I took of My trouser and this girl bust into laughter. I started wondering Why because my dick isn’t small Obviously she said I have a whole forest under my trouser and there is absolutely no way she would have sex with me with that Much hair. I thought it was a joke at first but she was hell bent. All my effort to get a shaving stick Or blade at the hotel was to no avail. I Sha begged her to please let’s do it like that I would have shaved before we meet again.

She then suggested plaiting it for me so it would go down a little. My penis was busy rising and falling while she was plaiting it. I was extremely embarrassed but konji na bastard. She finished and my penis looked like a joke. The sex only lasted for a minute, which made her insult and call me names. I was just swearing for her while I was busy untangling the nonsense she did to me down there

I had this guy I only meet with for sex. He’s married but claimed his wife doesn’t satisfy him sexually. He gives me nothing less than N100k each time we meet for sex. One day, we were having sex and he asked ‘whose pussy is this?’ I didn’t answer him at first because the question vexed me. How will someone that has a wife at home be asking me such question? The fact that you give me money doesn’t mean you own my pussy bro.

He asked again twice and I was totally embarrassed and irritated. That’s how he said he would give me N300k if I tell him he owns it, I was just shouting it’s your pussy till we finished having sex. That was quite embarrassing but anything for the mullaaaaaa!

I farted when he was knacking me doggy. It was so loud and stinking that we had to pause, open the window for fresh air to come in, and then spray some air freshener. Although we tried to continue again but the Vibe was gone, according to him.

Later that day, I told him I wanted to order pizza and yogurt and he said cut down your junk food intake cos your digestive tract stinks, you might need to see a doctor for check up. Haha! All that insult because of ordinary mess. That was the day I vowed to never have anything to do with igbo men, their mouth is bad.

I was having sex with my then-boyfriend when his twin brother entered. I was extremely angry and embarrassed at the same time. You will not believe that my then-boyfriend didn’t stop despite how I tried to make him stop. The brother greeted us, took his time to pick up some stuff in the room, and left. I was like, what just happened?

Didn’t he notice we were naked? Why was he not shocked or trying to give us some privacy? My then-boyfriend said he would do the same thing, so it’s not a big deal. As I was leaving their apartment that day, I said to myself that this will be my last time here and it was.

When I was in 200 level, I visited a guy at his parents house. We were in the middle of a movie when we started kissing and smooching. I didn’t want to have sexual intercourse but I was down with oral sex. He was laying on the bed while I was kneeling at the edge of the bed giving him head. We were about 2mins into it when his mother came inside.

I froze in that position with his penis inside my mouth. The fool was still telling me to keep going and babbling my head because he hadn’t seen who I saw.
The woman removed one of her slippers and threw it at us. Her son quickly escaped before she could pick the slipper back up. She faded me and asked my age.

I told her I was 19, and she screamed and said you 19 and you are already putting penis in your mouth. That’s how I started hearing Wai! Wai!! Wai!!! On my head this woman left her son and beat the hell out of me with her slippers. I have never received that kind of beating at home sef.


I think my girlfriend’s head is strong because I’m always finding myself in a messy situation whenever I try to cheat on her. An older lady invited me over to her house for sex. Who am I to decline after she agreed to pay me a sum of money that is 5times my monthly salary? On that day. We were already having sex when an older man entered, I stood up at the speed of light because I knew he was probably her husband. They both laughed and told me to continue.

Since I lost my erection already, they asked me to sit on a chair while they watch me jerk off till I’m hard again. A big boy like. Me, comman see how I looked like a foolish gigolo that they were pushing around. I’ve never been in such an awkward situation in my life. Las Las, I didn’t get hard and I was told to leave without a dime, I felt useless and humiliated

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