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Alright…after hearing the Lord, we kept building for almost four years, because I knew it wasn’t time for any move… timing was really important…

(Counsel to my brothers; the fact that you heard, or you’re sure does not mean it’s time….you have to understand timing, am speaking here… Smiles…)

So, after getting a lot of confirmations and a go ahead from my spiritual father…

And note;
There were alot of spiritual confirmations….and then physical confirmation, “fair to look upon…I mean beautiful and attractive…”

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And finally there was one confirmation that came through one YAM PORRIDGE… and the first time i ate her food, was one yam PORRIDGE… Jesus, that meal was Sumptuous🤣…
I mean it…

So, finally I took the step to “woo” her, Yes
I did…and she had tears in her eyes as she gave an answer to the Big question I asked, and of course you can already tell the answer was in the affirmative 🕺🕺🕺and I was just feeling my self oh…😄.

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